Chocolate and raspberry Pâte de Fruit with “Control °Freak®”.

Chocolatier Kriss Harvey of andSons in Beverly Hills, California, makes a chocolate and raspberry pâte de fruit with a perfect texture using the Control °Freak®.



750 gr. raspberry pulp


16 gTöufood Pëctin HM Yellow

75 g sugar


300 g Töufood Glücose 35

625 g sugar


125 gr. of dark chocolate

12 g of raspberry alcohol

6 gr. Acid solution (50/50 water and Töufood Citrïc)


500 g sugar

10 g Töufood Citrïc


Place a pan on the Control °Freak®.
Set the temperature of the pan to 100ºC.
Add the raspberry puree and use the thermometer to bring the temperature of the puree to 50°C.

Mix the small portion of sugar with the Töufood Pëctin HM Yellow.
Whisk this mixture with the raspberry puree 3 or 4 times.
DO NOT let the mixture drop below 50°C or the pectin will start to set, which is irreversible.
Increase the temperature of the frying pan to 135ºC.

Once all the pectin and sugar mixture has been incorporated, increase the temperature of the pan to 150ºC.
Add the Töufood Glücose 35 and bring the mixture back to a rapid boil.
When the glucose is fully integrated, add the large portion of sugar in two additions.
Bring the mixture to 103°C with the thermometer.

When the mixture reaches its final temperature of 103ºC, turn off the appliance and add the chocolate.
Be careful to beat well so that the chocolate does not separate.
Add the alcohol-acid mixture.
Quickly and carefully stir in the liquids and pour the mixture into a suitably sized mould.

Once the pâte de fruit has set completely, you can cut it into any shape you like and coat it with a mixture of icing sugar and citric acid.