TÖUFOOD is the line of ingredients for gastronomy of exceptional quality, developed by GASTROCULTURA MEDITERRÁNEA SL, which is perfectly complemented by a whole series of utensils and prestigious brands of catering equipment that we distribute, and which are also offered for sale on this website.

The quality and reliability of our products allow us to use the most well-known techniques of modern cuisine. Innovative recipes can be easily realised, bringing excitement and surprise to dishes, offering a stimulating and memorable culinary experience.


Gelifiers. Products that add texture to a food by forming a gel. They allow the preparation of numerous gelled textures with very different consistencies: soft, firm, elastic, hot and cold.

Emulsifiers. Products that enable the formation and maintenance of an emulsion or homogeneous mixture of two liquids that are not miscible with each other, such as fats and water. They can also favour stable gasified structures.

Starches and fibres. It is very common to use a thickening agent such as corn starch, but there are also other starches that can be used to produce different textures.

Salts and acids. Non-structural products, but whose presence can enable the formation of spherifications or more efficient gelling such as some pectins.

Polyols. Sugar substitutes for low-calorie preparations. In general, they are less sweet than sugar. They allow the production of sugar-free products such as candies, chocolates, jams and coatings.

Thickeners. Products that increase the viscosity or thickness of a food in a liquid state. They allow the preparation of numerous thick textures such as soups, creams, purées, etc., both hot and cold.

Pectins. Products usually obtained from citrus fruits or apples, and which provide gelled textures in jams, marmalades, jellies, fruit pastes and pastries in general.

Maltodextrins. Starch-derived products with the ability to absorb liquids, turning them into powder.

Sugars. Carbohydrates, other than sucrose (common sugar), used to minimise their crystallisation and to obtain a less sweet taste. They allow the production of products such as jams, fruit pastes and ice creams.

Ovo-dairy. The components or products derived from eggs and milk allow us to obtain other textures or flavours.

Colouring agents. A range of dyes of natural origin, for multiple uses in gastronomy.

Lyöfeeling. A complete range of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, with no added sugars.

Other exclusive ingredients. Jordà, Sevarome, Sabaton

We distribute in Spain the brands Polyscience and HotMix, as well as the Coolvacuum freeze-drying machines in gastronomy.

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