Basic and advanced GELLING TECHNIQUES

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Gelling agents are technical ingredients that allow us to encapsulate flavours and liquid products in a solid consistency.

There are many techniques derived from the use of these ingredients, which are now common in many of our country’s kitchens.

The course will detail the difference between the different gelling agents available on the market, explaining each of the gelling products that we usually find on the market from a technical point of view and in a simple way.

Basic and advanced techniques will be detailed so that professionals in the gastronomic world such as chefs, pastry chefs or bartenders will have the possibility to enrich their creativity immediately.

Approach to texturising products, origin and scientific basis of gelling agents.

Organoleptic characteristics and comparative properties of each product.

Basic and advanced techniques for all of them.



BY:The “Gastrocultura Mediterránea” Team

VENUE: “Gastrocultura Mediterránea”, C/Princep Jordi nº 2, 08014 BCN

DAY: Monday 19 June 2023

HOURS: 16:30 – 18:30 h

ATTENDANTS: seating limited to 12 persons

INCLUDES: Technical dossier + 1 product sample.

PRICE: 75,00 € + I.V.A.




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