Perlini Carbonating Cocktail System

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Perlini Carbonating Cocktail System

Perlini Carbonating Cocktail System was originally designed by professional bartenders for intensive use in restaurants and bars.

It’s a revolutionary system for carbonating cocktails – or almost any drink – that infuses effervescence into all the liquid ingredients of the drink.

Perlini cocktails sparkle with the vigour and persistence of a good champagne.

Molecular bartenders rejoice: the Perlini revolution has arrived!

The same product is now available for home use, with convenient recyclable CO2 cartridges.

Kit contains one Perlini shaker; one Perlini manual pressuriser; six 16 g CO2 cartridges suitable for beverages; spare valve and gasket; instructions.

The Perlini shaker in this kit is exactly the same as the Perlini restaurant version.

Made from almost indestructible BPA-free Tritan, it is easy to clean and incorporates a strainer to hold ice while serving.

Just add ice to the shaker along with all the ingredients (liqueurs, mixers, fruit, etc.), close the shaker, pressurise, shake for a few seconds and that’s it!

Add sparkle to anything, everything is better with bubbles!

The perfect gift for cocktail lovers.

Everybody likes bubbles.

Like the effervescence of a good champagne, the sparkle Perlini adds to any cocktail transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, and the extraordinary into the sublime.

With Perlini, the only limit is your imagination.

This system is designed by and for bartenders.

It is the best solution on the market for carbonating cocktails.


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