Black mirin 20 years 180 ml.

This outstanding mirin matured for 20 years.

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Black mirin 20 years 180 ml.

Originally, black mirin was a sweet sake consumed during religious rituals.

Today, it is used in cooking to balance and eliminate the acidity of a dish.

This outstanding mirin matured for 20 years.

Over time, the sugar and amino acids in rice, one of the main ingredients of mirin, mix to give mirin a potent, sweet flavor reminiscent of black sugar.

This mirin is fuller bodied and has a more complex flavour than traditional mirin without the usual alcoholic taste.

Flavor: This rich mirin is characterized by a powerful, sweet flavor and a syrupy texture reminiscent of black sugar and licorice.

Despite its alcohol content (14%), this mirin does not taste of alcohol at all.

Use: Black mirin is traditionally used as a finishing touch in warabimochi or kuzukiri to enhance the flavor but also to make desserts such as ice cream or mousse.

It can be used in a cocktail or homemade chocolate.

Mirin can also be used in savoury preparations, such as kabayaki-style eels, boiled meat dishes, coleslaw dressing sauce or sautéed seafood.

This high quality product is best used as a finishing touch.

Storage: Keep away from light.

Ingredients: Rice, water, alcohol, koji.

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