Organic white sesame paste – 80 gr.

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Organic white sesame paste – 80 gr.

This white sesame paste is produced by a Japanese company created in 1883.

Their ancestral know-how is the origin of the incredible quality of this sesame paste made exclusively from organic sesame seeds.

In addition to many health benefits (iron, vitamins, antioxidants…), it will add color and an intense peanut flavor to your dishes.

Flavor:It has a sweet and toasted flavor with peanut flavor.

Use: Feel free to incorporate sesame paste into savoury dishes such as marinades, salad dressings or sauces for meats and vegetables.

It can also be diluted in carrot purees, vegetable soups, hummus, etc.

Sesame paste is delicious in sweet recipes such as chocolate cakes, muffins, strawberry tarts, semolina pudding, etc.

Storage:Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light. In the refrigerator after opening.

Ingredients:100% organic white sesame.


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