Rotavapor® R-100 Büchi

Evaporation that meets basic needs.
If you are looking for an economical and high quality complete evaporation solution. The solution “Rotavapor® Essential” integrates a Rotavapor, an interface, a regulated vacuum pump and a recirculation cooler to cover the main evaporation applications efficiently.

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Its best arguments:

  • Unique and affordable system that meets basic needs.
  • Its compact dimensions save valuable space in the laboratory.
  • Saves resources thanks to itsintegrated system.


  • Vacuum pump and recirculation cooler with central control.
  • Process controldue to precise vacuum control.
  • Reproducible results due to stable parameters
    • Heating bath temperature.
    • Vacuum pressure.
    • Cooling temperature.


  • Easy to use thanks to its simple and ergonomic handling.
  • Maximum comfort thanks to the integrated system.

Configure your solution “Rotavapor® Basic”

  • Rotavapor®R-100
  • Interfaz I-100
  • Vacuum pump V-100
  • Chiller F-105 Recirculating Chiller
  • Optional: glass with plastic coating (P+G)