Centurion Centrifuge Pro-Xtract 3 LITRES


A kitchen centrifuge is not an appliance designed only for Michelin restaurants.

The PrO-Xtract centrifuge is ideal for all types of cooks who want to achieve an original and intense flavor in their dishes.

The science of cooking is no longer a mystery and is within everyone’s reach.

The main benefits of a PrO-Xtract centrifuge are thetime saving and clean separation of the different components of a feed.

Extracting the oil from a vegetable puree, for example, can take days following a manual process, while with a centrifuge it is a matter of minutes.
The food comes out of the centrifuge separated into different layers making it easier to separate the layers that the chef wants to use.

In many foods, high-speed spinning concentrates the flavor molecules into an intensely aromatic liquid layer, ideal for cooking.

We can prepare a consommé with an intense and delicious tomato flavor and yet look completely clear, using only the water and oil from a centrifuged tomato puree.

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Renowned chef Chris Holland has used the Centurion centrifuge PrO-Xtract 3 litres to make a sweet and consistent carrot butter.

Centrifuges are ideal for extracting fat from all types of vegetables and nuts.

A perfect smooth soup or sauce can be made with strainers or filters, but the advantages of pouring a mixture into a bottle and simply pressing the “start” button are unparalleled.

Make room in your kitchen for the Centurion PrO-Xtract: an innovative solution for an innovative kitchen.

  • Designed with the contribution of outstanding Chefs.

  • With everything you need to perfect your recipes.

  • Design, technology, reliable and at a good price.

  • Capacity 3 litres.

  • Refrigerated centrifuges available.

  • 3-year warranty for reliability and quality.


  • Extra thick stainless steel container.

  • Safety valve.

  • Industrial Inverter regulation system.

  • European quality brushless motor.

  • Air flow control.

  • Access sections to all safety parameters.

Specifications for use:

  • Blue LED display.

  • Rotor recognition CR2000, CR4000/R, CR7000/R.

  • 10 speed levels.

  • 10 memory codes.

  • Timer up to 99 minutes and pause up to 30 seconds.

  • Short cycle button.

  • Centrifugation speed in 10 Rpm intervals.

  • Acceleration orientation sound.

Safety and security:

  • Multiple security lock.

  • Safety valve.

  • Gas shock absorber.

  • Valve closure detector.

  • Balance detection.

  • Speed sensor.

  • Inverter system set.

  • Protective ring.

  • Motor temperature sensor.

Technical specifications:

  • Capacity: 3 liters.

  • Speed: 500 – 4.000 rpm.

  • F.C.R. Máx: 10- 4.000 g.

  • Timer: 0 – 9 hours and pause.

  • Dimensions: 375 x 567 x 660 mm (height, width, length)

  • Weight: 63.5 Kg (without rotor)

  • Power: 750 W.

  • Memory: 10 programs.

  • Acceleration: 10 programs.

  • Deceleration: 10 programs.