GIROVAP Professional distiller-distiller reducer

Professional reducing distiller for food and beverages.

The GIROVAP distiller is used for the science of cooking, pastry and cocktail making, and is equipped with all the necessary elements for distillation and all the necessary accessories for measuring and preserving the product.

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GIROVAP Professional reducing distiller for food and beverages.

Robust, compact, efficient and simple, Girovap aims to help you develop new technologies for cryogenic distillation, extraction, clarification and reduction.

The conventional rotary evaporator is a complex and fragile machine designed for laboratory use.

Therefore, when kitchen and cocktail professionals try to use them, they will encounter shortcomings such as lack of vacuum energy, high prices, difficult maintenance and fragile materials.

The GIROVAP was created to eliminate all these drawbacks, because it was designed and manufactured specifically for chefs and bartenders.

Why is Girovap completely different from a laboratory rotary evaporator?

Single diaphragm vacuum pump.

Large capacity distilling kettle.

Magnetic rotation system.

All the advantages:

Reduce production costs → the best final price for the equipment.

Easy to operate → easier training.

High capacity and cycle speed → higher throughput and profit margin.

Connected versatility → different products and accessories.

Higher temperature accuracy → differential products.

There are more apps on one device → the possibility to create new products is great.

Easy to maintain → reduces failures, breakages and worries.

Small size → easy to install.

Modular accessories → Expandable working capacity to meet various needs.

Made in Spain → Perfect maintenance and spare parts service.


Height: 46 cm.
Material: Borosilicate and stainless steel.
Width: 67 cm.
Depth: 48 cm.
Weight: 27.20 kg.


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Weight 40 kg