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Sous Vide Professional Classic revolutionizesvacuum cooking thanks to this culinary technique that maintains the integrity of food by heating it in vacuum-sealed bags immersed in water at precisely controlled temperaturesfor as long as necessary.

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The Professional Classicis PolyScience’s first Sous Vide Immersion Circulator.

The legendarymachine that changed kitchens forever.

The advent of this innovative immersion circulator opened the way to explore sous vide cooking.

This machine is the standard model found in many cookbooks and groundbreaking recipes.

Its thermal circulator offers maximum flexibility and fits any container with straight or circular walls, capable of holding up to 45 liters.

With a single button you can set or change the cooking temperature.

In addition, its simple high or low speed pump allows precise control of the liquid circulation.


  • 3 programmed temperatures.
  • Pumping flow regulator.
  • Self-resetting.
  • Compact design and easy to store.
  • Large backlit LCD control screen.
  • Dimensions: 31.2 x 11.7 x 14.6 cm. (height, width and length)
  • Weight: 4.1 kg.
  • Packing dimensions: 30.5 x 20.3 x 40.6 cm. (height, width and length)


  • Maximum control capacity: 45 liters.
  • Maximum pumping flow: 12 L./min.
  • Maximum temperature: 93 ºC.
  • Temperature stability: ± 0.05 ºC.
  • Heater power: 1600 Watts.
  • Adjustable flow: 2 speeds.
  • Minimum immersion depth: 7.62 cm.


  • Anti-failure control of the heater.
  • Failure and alarm indicators.
  • Safe low liquid level.
  • Excess temperature protection.

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