HotmixPro Easy Giaz

Versatile: 3 different feed speeds and 3 different blade rotation speeds to enhance the user’s creativity and speed up production times, if necessary.
10 portions of 80 gr. in only 60 seconds. It is possible, for one portion, to obtain up to a maximum of 2 passes.

Accurate: Capable of making portions in multiples of 10 of the total capacity of the 0.8 litre beaker, with the possibility of programming different cycles to obtain different weights.

Flexible: Capable of emulsifying at a pressure of 1.8 bar, at atmospheric pressure or with air recirculation function, choosing between different blade speeds and repeating the function up to 4 times, even at different speeds.

Fast: Up to 10 portions of 80 grams in only 60 seconds.

Compatible: Easy Giaz can be used with common 1.3 litre cups on the market, ensuring compatibility with competing containers.

Quality: Entirely made in Italy.

Safe: The special fixing of the blades prevents unwanted loosening of the blades in any situation.

Quiet: The special cutting design of the blades and the enclosed cup in the special working compartment ensure a high level of quietness.

Efficient: The cutting blade is separate from the emulsion blade, because it is the only one that can deteriorate over time, with the advantage of lower maintenance costs. The cutting blade also has a conical design, which ensures less noise and eliminates the risk of breakage due to poor freezing or voids in the interstices inside the bowl.

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HotmixPro Easy Giaz

HotmixPRO Easy Giaz is the latest revolution in the HotmixPRO range in the culinary world, completely renewing existing technology (purification of frozen products) through the use of innovative and intuitive technological solutions.

It allows you to optimise the efficiency of every kitchen, allowing you to store any type of frozen food and grind/emulsify it afterwards.

Ideal for the instant preparation of ice cream and sorbets, but also for creams and emulsions in general.

It is a consolidated system for the management and organisation of all preparations that can be refrigerated.

The HotmixPRO Easy Giaz features ease of use, functionality, power, speed and ergonomics, guaranteeing a performance never seen before on the market.

An automated production software management system also allows you to concentrate fully on what really matters: kitchen management and creativity.

HotmixPRO Easy Giaz not only allows you to optimise production by preparing in advance and minimising waste, but also offers a complete solution for organisation and control, thanks to innovative software that stores what has been prepared and stored and the quantity.

It is no longer necessary to write down individually the food we have in different glasses in the fridge.

The HotmixPRO Giaz will always remind us how many products, production date and expiry date each recipe has and will automatically use the correct working settings by recognising the inserted beaker layout.

Easy Giaz simplifies processing, high quality production and reduces labour costs.

While the highlight of Easy Giaz is its ability to produce the best frozen desserts, operators can also mix and chop fresh and pre-frozen foods, preserving the most valuable nutrients.

The operation with Easy Giaz couldn’t be easier.

Simply add your ingredients to the glass, freeze and process.

Easy Giaz allows you to make the coldest and creamiest ice cream desserts, as well as delicious sauces, mousses, pâtés, butters and other excellent cooking ingredients.

As an operator, you can select the desired rotation and lowering speed of the machining blade.

Easy Giaz can process products at any temperature, but for optimal frozen product applications, freezing between -18°C and -24°C is recommended.

For frozen products:

-Fill the included cup with the desired ingredients (2 available – 1.3 litres).
-Add the desired liquid (water, broth, syrup, ice cream base, etc.).
-Never exceed the maximum fill line.
-Cover the jar with the lid provided and freeze at -18°C to -24°C for at least 24 hours.
-The surface of the ingredient/liquid does not have to be perfectly level.
-Always store glasses in an upright position.

Do not use a blast chiller to prepare the glass, the temperature of the mixture may be too low.

1.- If the cup is filled with excess product, Easy Giaz will warn the operator of the excess product and ask if he/she wishes to continue.

2.- If no action is taken, after 10 seconds, Easy Giaz will only process the excess and stop.

3.- If you decide to continue after the warning, the remaining product will overflow from the machine.

Technical characteristics:

-Maximum cup capacity (volume): 1.3 L.
-Usable cup capacity: 0.8 L.
-Min/Max RPM: 3 speeds – 1000-1500-2500 RPM.
-Descent speeds: 6.
-Number of consecutive relegations: 2.
-Triple air adjustment: With 1.8 bar pressure / With air circulation / Without air.
-QR code scanner: Yes (application).
-Maximum total power: 1,800W.
-Voltages: 220-240/1/50-60Hz (Optional 120/1/50-60 Hz).
-Dimensions: 216 x 400 x 544 mm.
-Net weight: 23 kg.
-Body: Stainless steel.
-Processing time: 10 Portions of 80 g in 60 seconds.
-Accessories (supplied): 2 x 1.3 litre steel cups + 2 lids.
-Optional Accessories: Sharp double helix cutting blade for fresh food.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg