MASAGO ARARE – Thin Rice Crackers

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MASAGO ARARE – Thin Rice Crackers

Arare are crispy rice crackers.

They are GMO-free and gluten-free.

These arare are made to be as small and crispy as possible.

That is why they are called “masago”, which means “fine sand” in Japanese.

Taste:Rice crackers are very crunchy.

Use:used to add texture.

In Japan they are added to tempura coating or in ochazuke and miso soup.

They will add a crunchy touch to your empanados, fried chicken or salmon.

You can use them in salads, broths, pastas, etc. and they will also add crunchiness to chocolate, fruit skewers, cakes and mousses.

Storage:Keep away from sunlight, heat and moisture. Consume shortly after opening.

Ingredients: Rice powder (99.8%), emulsifier (E473)(0.2%).

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