Automatic double cooking and pressing machine

3 combined actions: pressure, low temperature and infrared emitted by the ceramic pot with germanium components.

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OCOO PRO Automatic double boiling and pressing machine

OCOO PRO uses the double boiling principle and cooks at controlled temperature and pressure to extract maximum flavour.

It allows to obtain strong flavoured extracts, suitable for use as pre-refined foods and finished dishes.

Unlike traditional pressure cookers, OCOO PRO does not let the steam escape during cooking, but keeps the steam together with the aroma emitted during cooking.

In addition, it can work precisely at low temperatures, thus preserving the sensory properties of the food.

OCOO PRO is equipped with a 4.5 L inner pot for mass production.

It offers a range of possibilities for signature dishes never before explored, and allows the creation of unique recipes, which would be practically impossible without this system.

OCOO PRO is a pressurised steam bath with a combination of time, temperature and pressure, and is fully controlled by its electronic equipment.

Top chefs have taken advantage of the benefits of high-temperature cooking to make incredible preparations without boiling, and by not evaporating they master and accelerate the fermentation process of fruits, vegetables and lactic acid, resulting in infinite caramelisation.

The process of low temperature cooking and blackening of liquids (Maillard reaction).

With its 15 fixed programmes and fully programmable functions, you can precisely control temperature, time and pressure.

Place the ingredients in the ceramic pot under the pressure cooker.

The steam flow above 115°C cooks the ingredients by convection.

Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 40 cm. / 4,5 L.


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