Sage·PolyScience – The Anti-Griddle®

Freeze your food at an ultra-fast speed, from another dimension.

PolyScience’s temperature control expertise goes far beyond sous vide and other heating methods. They are also experts in ultra-rapid food freezing.

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Sage·PolyScience – The Anti-Griddle®

Ultra-rapid freezing makes it possible to almost instantly turn sauces, purees, creams, vinaigrettes and other foods into totally different solid or semi-solid creations.
The PolyScience Anti-Griddle® tray reaches -34.4°C and allows you to create dishes with crispy surfaces and cold, creamy interiors in seconds, thanks to its one-way freezing.

  • The Anti-Griddle® ultra-rapid freezing technique, inspired by the work of chef Grant Achatz, makes it easy to prepare double-textured creations and explore a whole new gastronomic field. The possibilities are endless.

  • Create frozen desserts and snacks that are cold and liquid inside.

  • Dress salads with frozen vinaigrettes that melt on the plate when served.

  • Decorate dishes with unique and original decorations.

  • Freeze dishes on the spot at the table or buffet to offer your customers a personal and surprising experience.

Technical specifications:

  • It reaches a fixed cooking temperature of -34.44ºC in 10 min, maximum.

  • It is advisable to put a thin layer of olive oil on the Anti-Griddle® tray before freezing to avoid sticking.

  • Grill dimensions: (L x W) 36,8 cm x 2,.8 cm

  • Overall dimensions: (L x W x H) 40, x 46;7 x 26.7 cm.
  • Packing dimensions: (L x W x H) 58.4 x 55.9 x 53.3 cm
  • Weight: 31,3 Kg.
  • Packed weight: 34,5 Kg.

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