Umi Budo seaweed in brine – 40 Gr.

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Umi Budo seaweed in brine – 40 Gr.

Called “sea grapes”, umi budo seaweed is seaweed grown on the sunny islands of Okinawa.

They are also known as “green caviar” because they have the peculiarity of “exploding” when chewed, like caviar.

Flavor: Fresh and iodized.

Usage:You can enjoy umi budo with a little vinegar or soy sauce, as an appetizer with a beer, for example.

You can add it to your sauces to add a fresh iodine flavor.

They are delicious on top of rice or with bread and butter.

They also pair very well with seafood and enhance its taste.

Instructions:Carefully rinse the grapes before eating and place them for a few minutes in a bowl of water.

If the grains have lost their firmness, put them 2-3 minutes in fresh water to restore their consistency, then consume within three days.

Storage:Between 20 and 23°C to preserve the firmness of the umi budo.

Ingredients:Caulerpa lentillifera, salt.

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