A derivative of the great Ramos Gin Fizz cocktail, in this case going for a slightly more “alternative” look with the Töufood Bläck.
It is clear that the presentation and the final look & feel of the cocktails is a very important point when it comes to selling them,
a good presentation is key to generate an active sale of our menu.

For the SS1 :
250 mL. mineral water
250 g white sugar

1. In a saucepan or pot, measure and serve the ingredients. Turn on the heat and with the help of a whisk dissolve until a homogeneous syrup is formed. Once dissolved, remove from the heat and lower the temperature.

2. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

For the BLK Cream :
2 gr. Töufood Bläck
250 gr. cooking cream

1. In an airtight container, measure and serve the ingredients, with the help of a whisk, mix the ingredients together until they are ready to use.
to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

1 collins tumbler

Place the glass in a freezer beforehand to cool the glass.

Final cocktail 1 service :
60 ml. Gin
15 ml. Lime juice
15 ml. Lemon juice
25 ml. BLK cream
25 ml. UHT egg white
25 ml. SS1
1 Drop _ Orange blossom

1. Measure and pour the ingredients into a Boston shaker, add ice and shake the shaker vigorously. Once the shake technique is complete, remove the ice from the shaker.

2. Close the shaker again and shake.
vigorously for 3 minutes.
Alternatively, we can use an emulsifier or blender to achieve a proper emulsification.

3. Once the second shake is complete, pour into the collins glass. There should be a gap of about 5 cm. to the edge of the glass.

4. Place the glass in the freezer or refrigerator for 1 minute.

5. After the time has elapsed, top up with the soda until the cocktail has a creamy top.