El misionero


COLLAGE COCKTAIL BAR's modern reinterpretation of the tiki classic Missionary's Downfall. Fruity yet complex cocktail with notes of vanilla, bitter almond and menthol. In this modern version of COLLAGE COCKTAIL BAR, the mint is taken out of the cocktail and served in an air to give it a more elegant touch.

el misionero

For the maple syrup with tonka bean

500 gr. Maple syrup
5 und. Tonka bean

1. Vacuum pack the maple syrup with the broken tonka bean into large pieces.
2. Keep in sous-vide for one hour at 52ºC.
3. Filter with superbag, chill and bottle.

For the mint air

100 ml. Water
65 gr. Mint
30 ml. TPT Syrup
1 gr. Töufood Lëcitin

1. Blanch the mint and crush it with the water.
2. Strain the mint water through a superbag.
3. Mix with the simple syrup and the Lëcitin.
4. Insert the tank aerator to obtain air.

Final cocktail

22,5 ml. Plantation Original Dark
22,5 ml. Bourbon
15 ml. Apricot Brandy
15 ml. Maple syrup and tonka bean
22,5 ml. Lime juice
30 ml. Pineapple juice
Mint air

1. Measure and pour all ingredients into a shaker.
2. Add ice cubes and shake.
3. Turn on the aerator to prepare the air.
4. Double filtering the result into a coupette
5. Place the mint air on top of the cocktail.