Jamaican soul


An old-fashioned with a Tiki soul FROM COLLAGE COCKTAIL BAR. Flavours of raisined and cooked fruit with fresh and citrus aromas, all without added sugars, only those of the fruit itself. All accompanied by Jamaican rum.


For the reduction of Dunder

1 Mango
½ Papaya
½ Pineapple
5 Plums
3 Pears
4 Bananas
Töufood Pectinäse

1. Wash and place all fruit in the OCOO at 75°C for 5 days.
2. Remove the fruit from the machine and leave to cool to 60°C.
3. Weigh the cooked fruit and add 5% of its weight in Pectinäse.
4. Mix well, film to skin and leave to stand at room temperature for one hour.
5. Go through superbag.
6. Reduce over low heat to one third.
7. Cool in an ice bath, bottle and keep chilled.

For the redistilled rum Fresh Arome

350 ml. Jamaican White Rum
2 und. Limes
1 und. Lemon
115 gr. Pineapple
1 Lemongrass
50 gr. Ginger

1. Put all the ingredients in a vacuum bag, seal and place in a sous vide cooker for 3 hours at 50 ºC.
2. Remove from bag and strain through superbag, discarding solids.
3. Re-distil in a rotavap, removing the first third of the liquid in which the most aromatic part will be concentrated.
4.Bottle and store.

Final cocktail

60 ml. Jamaican gold rum Appleton Estate V/X
30 ml. reduction Dunder
5 ml. fresh arome redistilled rum
2 dash of Liquid Experience

1. Measure and serve all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice cubes. Stir until the mixture cools.
2. Filter the result into a double old-fashioned opaque glass previously cooled with 5x5x7 old-fashioned ice.
3. Flavour with a lime peel cut into rectangular shapes and place crosswise on the ice.