Guri guri


Inspired by the Hawaiian Guri Guri ice cream made with coconut milk, condensed milk and fruit. In the COLLAGE COCKTAIL BAR cocktail the fruit will be apple and pineapple cooked with cinnamon. The condensed milk is served with a light foam infused with black cardamom for added complexity.

guri guri

For the buttered rum

1000 ml. Rum Chairmain’s Reserve Añejado
200 gr. Butter

1. Melt the butter and caramelise it without burning it.
2. Allow to cool to below 50 ºC.
3. Mix the rum with the butter.
4. Leave to stand for 6 hours at room temperature and 2 hours in the fridge.
5. Filter in V-60 with a coffee filter. Bottling.

For the apple and pineapple puree

600 gr. Apple
400 gr. Pineapple
250 gr. Water
80 gr. Brown sugar
20 gr. Apple cider vinegar
20 gr. Cinnamon stick

1. Mix all ingredients together and cook over medium heat for 20 minutes.
2. Grind and pass through superbag.
3. Store in a bottle in the fridge.

For the cinnamon syrup

200 gr. Sugar
250 ml. Water
30 gr. Cinnamon stick

1. Infuse the cinnamon in the water for 10 minutes with a 2-hour rest.
2. Strain through superbag and add the sugar.
3. Leave to cool and bottle.

For the condensed milk and cardamom foam

100 gr. Condensed milk
400 gr. Coconut water
20 gr. Black cardamom
2 gr. Töufood Lëcitin
0,5 gr. Töufood Xanthän

1. Cut the black cardamom into small pieces and infuse with the coconut water.
2. Leave to steep for 20 minutes and strain through a superbag.
3. Mix the liquid with the condensed milk.
4. Add the Lëcitin and Xanthän and mix with a blender.
5. Pour into a siphon through a mesh strainer.
6. Leave to stand for 1 hour in the fridge.
7. Add a load of cream, shake and set aside.

Final cocktail

35 ml. Butter rum
15 ml. Calvados
25 ml. Apple and pineapple puree
15 ml. Cinnamon syrup
15 ml. Pimiento Dram Liqueur
15 ml. Lemon juice
Condensed milk and cardamom foam

1. Put all the ingredients, except the foam, into the shaker.
2. Shake for about fifteen seconds.
3. Serve in a coupette by double straining.
4. Finally, complete with the foam by covering the entire surface of the cocktail with a 3 cm layer.