Sticky mango pants


COLLAGE COCKTAIL BAR liquid version of the Thai dessert Mango Sticky Rice. A sweet-toothed cocktail with hardly any added sugar, almost all of which comes from the fruit and rice. So addictive that it has already become a best seller at COLLAGE COCKTAIL BAR.

sticky mango pants

For the rum and mango

700 gr. Rum Angostura 7
200 gr. Lyofëeling Mängo
10 gr. Töufood Pectinäse

1. Mix all ingredients together and vacuum pack.
2. Cook in sous-vide for 2 hours at 52 ºC.
3. Cool in an ice bath.
4. Filter by superbag squeezing to get a good yield.
5. Bottling.

For the coconut water cordial

1000 ml. Coconut water
200 gr. White sugar
5 gr. Töufood Citrïc
1 gr. Salt

1. Place all the ingredients in a large jug.
2. Mix, bottle and keep chilled.

For the rice pudding

250 gr. Bomba rice
1 L. Coconut milk (I)
½ cinnamon stick
1 lemon peel
12,5 gr. Töufood Amyläse
12,5 gr. Töufood Glucosidäse
500 gr. Coconut milk (II)

1. Infuse the coconut milk with cinnamon and lemon peel for 20 minutes.
2. Remove the cinnamon and lemon. Turn up the heat and just before it comes to the boil, add the rice and lower the heat.
3. Cook the rice for 20 minutes in the infused milk.
4. Leave to stand until the temperature drops to 55 ºC.
5. Grind the rice and vacuum pack it with the enzymes and the remaining coconut milk.
6. Cook at 52 ºC for 4 hours.
7. Go through superbag.

For the coconut milk rice foam

350 gr. Rice pudding (previous preparation)
100 gr. Coconut water

1. Mix all ingredients in a jug.
2. Strain through a mesh strainer.
3. Fill a half-litre foam siphon and leave to cool for one hour.
4. Add the gas charge and shake well. Store at 4 ºC until use.

For the mango obulato

300 gr. Fresh mango
24 gr. Töufood Mältodextrin
Square obulato

1. Mash the mango with the Mältodextrin.
2. Paint a triangular half of the obulato on a Silpat with a silicone brush.
3. Fold the dry part over the painted part, leaving a triangle.
4. Paint the triangle again, to put another square obulato on top.
5. Paint again and repeat the operation with one more square obullate to make a triangle of three folded obulates.
6. Dehydrate for 12 hours at 55 ºC.
7. Store in an airtight container with a Silicägel tablet.

Final cocktail

60 ml. Rum Angostura 7 infused with mango
20 ml. Cordial coconut water
Coconut milk rice foam

1. Measure and pour the rum and cordial into a mixing glass with ice cubes.
2. Stir until the mixture cools.
3. Filter the result into a chilled Nick & Nora glass.
4. Serve the foam covering the top with a layer of about 2 cm.
5. Place the triangular-handled obulato on the foam.