GLUCOSIDÄSE – liquid glucosidase enzyme

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GLUCOSIDÄSE - liquid glucosidase enzyme – M
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GLUCOSIDÄSE - liquid glucosidase enzyme – S
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GLUCOSIDÄSE – liquid glucosidase enzyme

Liquid glucosidase enzyme for the degradation of dextrins into sugars.

Liquid enzyme.

Concentrated enzyme complex produced by fermentation of Aspergilius niger yeast.

Degrades liquefied starch and glycosidic sugars into glucose monosaccharides.

It can be applied in vegetable milk production processes or for the production of fermentable sugars for alcohol production.

Its application provides sweet taste and facilitates fermentation.

Its functionality and performance increase dramatically when used together with the Amyläse.

Cover, inject or immerse the product with Glucosidase solution.

It is recommended to impregnate with 2-5 vacuum cycles for best performance.

It can be applied directly on top of the product.

Ingredients: Glycerin, water, amyloglucosidase.
May contain milk.
Impregnate in vacuum or inject with syringe.

Dilute 0.1-5% in water or in the product itself.

Product intended for food use.
Store in a cool and dry place.

Bottles of 1000 and 250 ml.

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