Dry tai


Un Mai Tai DE COLLAGE COCKTAIL BAR que quería ser un Dry Martini. In appearance a Dry Martini but with all the fresh citrus flavours of the Mai Tai. Nothing is what it seems, even the classic Dry Martini olive is actually a spherification of pistachio and almond.

dry tai

For the alginate bath

1.000 gr. Water
7 gr. Töufood Algïnate

1. Mix both ingredients with a blender.
2. Leave to stand for at least 2 hours.

For the spherical container liquid

500 gr. Mineral water
100 gr. Sugar
0,5 gr. Töufood Xanthän

1. Mix all the ingredients with a blender.
2. Reserve

For the pistachio spherical

20 gr. Pistachio paste
50 gr. Almond syrup
140 gr. Almond milk
0,5 gr. Salt
6 gr. Töufood Glücocal

1. Mix all the ingredients with a blender.
2. Fill a 5mL hemisphere mould with the mixture. Freeze.
3. Heat the Algïnate bath slightly and place the frozen spheres in it.
4. Leave for 4 minutes, remove from the bath and rinse in filtered water.
5. Store in an airtight container with the liquid to contain the spherifications. Keep in the fridge.

Final cocktail

20 ml. Jamaican Rum Kingston white
5 ml. Rum Savanna Herr
25 ml. Rum Trois Rivières CO
25 ml. Supasawa
10 ml. TPT Syrup
15 ml. Cointreau
4 drops Almond extract
2 dash Bitter Grapefruit
Spray Oloroso
Lime peel

1. Put all the ingredients except the Oloroso in a mixing glass with ice cubes.
2. Stir and cool to the optimal temperature.
3. Rinse the previously cooled glass with Oloroso wine and discard.
4. Strain the liquid into the glass.
5. Gently pour a pistachio spherification into the bottom of the glass.
6. Flavour the top of the cocktail with lime peel and discard.