Jordi Cruz explains the role of enzymes in the MasterChef kitchen.


In the last test of the fourth MasterChef 12 programme, the black aprons had to replicate a recipe by Cristina Oria, some sweet, some savoury, but all with a common denominator: apples.

Before the clock started, Jordi Cruz gave a masterclass on the transformative power of enzymes in the kitchen, using pectinse and cellulase. The Abac chef explained how to transform apples without any heat treatment, using only enzymes for cooking.

As Jordi Cruz explains, “enzymes accelerate the transformation of some substances into others. We find enzymes in our stomach that help us to transform elements. Something similar happens with cooking: with the high temperature we manage to degrade an element, such as an apple, for example”.

The chef explained to the contestants that this process can also be done naturally using two enzymes: pectinase and cellulase. He explained the process by saying that “If we put the apple in a liquid containing these two enzymes, the raw apple will cook without heat treatment”. The mastering liquid we use with the enzymes is caramel water with very few calories.  “And it will look like it’s cooked”..  

He has constructed the dish using a puff pastry made from rice paper and vegetable cream, gluten and lactose free, caramelised sesame for crunchy crunch. He has placed the apple on top and, to finish, he has added a super caramelised and super sweet tofu and tofu creamy topping. has decorated the dish with freeze-dried apple and a tofu and tofu cream.