Many times, cocktail complements such as foams or airs are ways of conveying ingredients or sensations that do not always fit into a mix.

We could say that the contrast between hot/cold or sweet/sour are sensations that we can use in a cocktail to surprise our guests.

In “Chile Pasión” we wanted to look precisely for a sense of
contrasts between acidity, power of the tequila and spiciness of the chili liqueur.


For the SS1 :
250 ml. mineral water
250 g white sugar


1. In a saucepan or pot, measure and serve the ingredients. Turn on the heat and with the help of a whisk dissolve until a homogeneous syrup is formed. Once dissolved, remove from the heat and lower the temperature.

2. Store in airtight container in the refrigerator.

For the passion foam :
400 ml. Passion pulp
180 ml. Egg white
2 gr. Töufood Albümin Egg
90 ml. SS1

1. In an airtight container measure and serve all the ingredients. With the help of an electric hand mixer, blend the ingredients until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

2. Place this mixture in a foam siphon and load with a charge of No2.

Final cocktail

1 service :
45 ml. Tequila Silver
25 ml. Lime juice
15 ml. Licor Ancho Reyes
15 ml. Agave Syrup
1,5 gr. Fresh coriander
1 gr. White Chocolate

Measure and pour all ingredients into a Boston shaker, shake and serve over a glass
coupette. Complete the remaining capacity with Passion Fruit foam. With the help of a blowtorch caramelize the surface of the foam.

2. Garnish with grated white chocolate on top of the foam and a fresh coriander leaf.