Genuine crushed wasabi paste – 42 gr.

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Genuine crushed wasabi paste – 42 gr.

Wasabi paste, often called “Japanese mustard”, is a condiment used in Japanese cuisine.

Our wasabi paste contains only genuine wasabi, no horseradish.

The wasabi used grows at the foot of Mount Amagi, a rainy region with rich soil on the Izu peninsula, known for the quality of its wasabi.

Flavor:Strong, slightly spicy.

Usage: goes well with raw fish, used to season sashimi and sushi, also goes well with soba noodles, red meat, grilled eel, cold tofu “Hiyayakko” or with “Ochazuke”, a bowl of rice over which hot water or green tea is poured.

Storage:Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light. After opening, keep refrigerated.

Ingredients:Wasabi (approx. 45 %), dietary fiber, starch, salt, vegetable oil, sorbitol, cyclodextrin, spices, acidifier (E330), coloring (E102, E133) (some ingredients contain soy).

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