Hon mirin – 600 ml.

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Hon mirin – 600 ml.

Hon mirin is a mild, sweet type of sake that was originally drunk during celebrations.

Today, it is one of the staples of Japanese cuisine and is one of the main ingredients in many sauces and dishes.

This mirin is an “Hon mirin” which means a mirin made in a traditional and natural way.

It has been elaborated with Japanese rice that was fermented for 6 months at low temperature.

Compared to others, this mirin has a higher umami content.

Flavor: In addition to the sweet and toasted flavor of shochu, it has a very mild flavor and umami taste with a long finish.

Use:It is used to add smoothness and roundness to sauces and to break the acidity and bitterness of a dish.

Season your fish with it before baking, or use it to deglaze your meats.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light.

Ingredients: Rice, koji, alcohol, shochu, sugar.

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