Sevagel 64S sorbet stabilizer

Sevagel 64S sorbet stabiliser.

Pure stabiliser for SEVAROME ice cream.

Neutral and powdered, it provides texture and volume in a homogeneous way, avoiding the crystallisation of sucrose and the sandblasting of lactose, giving the final product a fine and very creamy texture.

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Sevagel 64S sorbet stabilizer

It facilitates the incorporation of air into the mix and avoids the crystallisation of free water, providing a homogeneous texture to the final product.

Neutral powder.

Instructions for use:

For incorporation, mix dry with part of the sucrose at 40°C and pasteurise with the mixture while stirring vigorously.

Characteristics and applications:

  • Dosage 2-4 g. / kg.
  • Ingredients: E- 410.
  • Format: 1 kg can.

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