Kuki” sesame oil first pressure (strong intensity) – 150 gr.

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Kuki” sesame oil first pressure (strong intensity) – 150 gr.

Kuki black sesame oil is made from pressed black sesame following the producer’s own artisanal method.

The seeds are pressed and left to settle for two weeks to a month before being filtered several times to remove any residue from the pressing process.

This great tasting oil contains 50% more sesame than other oils.

Sesamin is an organic molecule known to fight hypertension and has anti-inflammatory effects, making it a tasty and healthy oil.

Flavor:This oil has a powerful and toasted flavor reminiscent of coffee or cocoa.

Use: With its pronounced aromatic characteristics and intense flavour, Kuki’s first-press oil will be perfect as a finishing touch to add a roasted flavour to grilled fish, raw or simmered vegetables.

Use it to make your own seasoning sauce for meat, fish and vegetables.

Storage: Keep away from light.

Ingredients:100% sesame.

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