LIPÄSE Lipase enzyme powder

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LIPÄSE Lipase enzyme powder

Lipase is a concentrated enzyme produced by fermentation of the yeast Rhizopus oryzae. This enzyme has the ability to degrade all types of natural fats, whether of animal or vegetable origin, which makes it useful in various food processes.

For application, the product can be coated, injected or dipped with the Lipäse solution. It is recommended to impregnate the product with 2-5 vacuum cycles for best performance. In addition, the Lipäse can also be applied directly to the product in powder form.

Lipase is particularly useful in the food industry, as it helps to break down fats in food, facilitating processing and improving the texture and organoleptic characteristics of the final products.

Typical dosages of Lipäse vary between 2 and 10 g/kg, depending on the specific application.


Available in 500 g and 100 g pots.

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