Shiokoji liquid – 500 ml.

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Shiokoji liquid – 500 ml.

Shiokoji is a Japanese paste made with koji, rice and salt.

This unpasteurized product is the first shiokoji in liquid form.

It is easier to use and maintain for a longer period of time.

Thanks to the enzymes contained in shiokoji, it brings out the umami of its ingredients and acts as a real natural flavor enhancer.

Shiokoji also tenderizes the meat by breaking down the connective tissue, retains water and increases the viscosity of the juices, which makes it a very good tool for marinades.

Use: Use it to marinate your meats and fish such as sea bream, trout, pigeon, veal or pork to give them umami.

It can also be used in the preparation of sauces and jellies.

It can be mixed with soy sauce or vinegar.

Storage:Store at room temperature and keep refrigerated once opened.

Ingredients:Rice, water, salt, ethyl alcohol.

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