Shiso syrup concentrated – 300 ml.

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Shiso syrup concentrated – 300 ml.

Shiso is a Japanese herb of the same species as mint.

It is often referred to as Japanese basil.

In Japan, shiso is used in cooking, for example with sashimi, but also as a natural medicine because it has many medicinal properties.

Flavor:Sweet and spicy, with notes of cinnamon and coriander.

Use:You can drink this syrup by adding 4-5 volumes of fresh water.

It also goes very well with alcohol such as beer, shochu or cider.

You can add it to your smoothies and cakes (jellies, ganache, slush, bavaroise, cream), and put a little on top of yogurt or ice cream.

Mix it with a little olive oil to create a perfect dressing to accompany an octopus carpaccio.

Storage:Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light, in the refrigerator once opened.

Ingredients: Sugar, shiso, citric acid (E330).

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