NARAGINÄSE – naraginase enzyme powder

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What is the NARAGINÄSE?

Naringinäse is a concentrated enzyme produced by a selected strain of Penicilium. Its main function is the release and enhancement of aromas, as well as the reduction or elimination of bittering molecules of non-protein origin.

Naringinäse is a very useful enzyme in the food industry, as it contributes to improving the aromatic profile of products and reducing unwanted bitterness, thus improving the sensory experience of the consumer. It is used in different applications to increase the aroma in products such as wine, tea, fruit juices, and to remove the bitterness produced by certain vegetables, such as citrus fruits or aubergine.

How to use:

For application, the product can be coated, injected or dipped with the Naringinäse solution. It is recommended to impregnate the product with 2-5 vacuum cycles for best performance. It is also possible to apply the enzyme directly to the product in powder form.


Typical dosages of Naringinäse vary between 2 and 10 g/kg, depending on the specific application and the desired degree of bitterness enhancement or reduction.


Available in 500 g and 100 g packs.


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