NARAGINÄSE – naraginase enzyme powder

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NARAGINÄSE – naraginase enzyme powder

Naraginase enzyme powder.

Concentrated enzyme complex produced by a selected strain of Penicilium sp.

Its function is the release and enhancement of aromas, as well as the reduction or elimination of bittering molecules of non-protein origin.

Used to increase the aroma in wine, tea, fruit juices and to remove the bitterness produced by certain vegetables, such as citrus fruits or aubergine.

Cover, inject or immerse the product with Naraginäse solution.

It is recommended to impregnate with 2-5 vacuum cycles for best performance.

It can be applied directly as a powder on top of the product.

Eliminates bitterness in vegetables and fruits.

Maltodextrin, glucosidase, rhamnosidase.
May contain milk.

It is recommended to use in a dilution with water of 0.1-5 %.

Can be diluted to a maximum of the same weight in water.

Apply in powder form on top of the product, impregnate in vacuum or inject with a syringe.

Dilute 0.1-5 % in water or in the product itself.

Product intended for food use.
Store in a cool and dry place.

Available in 500 g and 100 g packs.


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