CITRÜS FIBER – Citrus Fiber

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CITRÜS FIBER – Citrus Fiber

Citrus fibre with emulsifying, stabilising and emulsifying properties.

It acts as a fat substitute and can be a substitute for egg yolk in vegan or vegetarian preparations.

Emulsifies all types of products, hot or cold, and is not affected by pH variation.

It also prevents freezing syneresis.

Used in eggless mayonnaises, creams, ganaches, whipped doughs, sponge cakes, sourdoughs, ice creams and beverages.

Vegan emulsifying and thickening fibre powder.

Citrus fiber, thickener: xanthan (E-415).
May contain milk.
Mix in one of the two phases (fat or water) and integrate into the other phase to obtain a correct emulsion.

2-15 gr. / kg.

Product intended for food use.
Store in a cool and dry place.

Available in 450 g pack.

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