CORNSÖL – Corn soluble fiber for frying

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CORNSÖL – Corn soluble fiber for frying

Soluble corn fibre for frying and bulking powder.

Fibre-type carbohydrate obtained from the hydrolysis of corn starch.

Being long-chain fibres, they act as a bulking agent and repel oil from their environment.

Highly recommended for use as frying flour, where, due to the rejection of oil, a much crispier texture is obtained than with traditional frying batter, which is not at all oily.

Corn fiber.

Substitute part of the flour used.

Substitute 10-40% of the flours.

A dosage of between 30 and 80 g/kg of product is recommended.

Product intended for food use.
Store in a cool and dry place.

Available in 4 Kg. pack.

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