CORNSÖL – Corn soluble fiber for frying

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CORNSÖL – Corn soluble fiber for frying

Cornsöl – Corn soluble fibre for frying, a fibre-like carbohydrate obtained from the hydrolysis of corn starch, is an ingredient that acts as a bulking agent and has the ability to repel oil in its environment.

This characteristic makes it a recommended choice for use as a flour in the frying process.

By using this flour instead of a traditional frying batter, a crispier texture of the fried food is achieved, while avoiding the oily feeling.

This is because the long-chain carbohydrate fibres repel the oil, creating a barrier between the food and the frying oil.

In order to use cornsöl in cooking, it is recommended to replace some of the flours commonly used in recipes.

The amount to be used may vary according to the application, but the usual dosage is between 30 and 80 grams per kilogram of preparation.

This ingredient offers an interesting alternative to improve the texture of fried foods, providing a crispier and less fatty option.

Fried food

. Substitute 10-40% of the flours.

. A dosage of 30 to 80 g/kg of product is recommended.


. Product intended for food use.
. Store in a cool and dry place.


Available in 4 Kg. pack.

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