To melt without caramelizing.


Suitable for sweet products, without the appearance of the typical color of burnt candy.

It is the most widely used polyol in catering, especially in confectionery, due to its great stability in humid environments, a common problem in sweet preparations.

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Isomält is a polyol obtained from sucrose and has a sweetening power of about 50% compared to sugar or sucrose. It is widely used in the catering industry due to its high stability in humid environments, which makes it an ideal choice for sweet preparations.

Isomält is particularly appreciated in bakery and confectionery, as it is stable at high temperatures of up to 150 oC, which allows its use in the preparation of candies, sugar-free chocolates, chewing gums, jams, jellies and other products aimed at diabetics or those seeking to reduce their sugar intake. Moreover, Isomält does not develop the characteristic colour of burnt sweets, which makes it ideal for high-quality sweet products.

One of the advantages of Isomält is its ease of modelling, which makes it a popular ingredient for the creation of candy figures and decorations in confectionery.

It is important to note that, like other polyols, excessive consumption of Isomält can have laxative effects in some people. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the usual dosages and adjust them according to the needs of the desired preparation.


  • For making candies, sugar-free chocolates, chewing gum, jams, jellies and other products for diabetics
  • Creation of candy figures and decorations in the patisserie.



Usual dose: depending on the preparation.


  • Available in 5 Kg., 700 gr. and 175 gr. cans.

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