KÖNJAC – Konjac gum powder

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KÖNJAC – Konjac gum powder

KÖNJAC – Konjac gum powder

Konjac gum is a natural fibre-like polysaccharide obtained from tubers of different species of the Amorphophallus plant, which is mainly cultivated in Asia.

It forms thermally stable gels and acts as a thickener, as it has a high water retention capacity.

For this reason, it is stable to freeze-thaw cycles.

With temperature and an alkaline medium, the gel strength increases.

Used in baking, meats, pasta, as a vegan substitute for animal gelatine.

It presents synergies with a multitude of substances, such as with carrageenans with which it interacts strongly forming a thermoreversible elastic gel, with xanthan forming a gel that withstands high pressure without breaking – it recovers its initial shape – or with starches, as it interacts functionally increasing the viscosity that is maintained during cooking and cooling.

Disperse in advance with the other ingredients or add directly to water under vigorous stirring until a homogeneous, lump-free solution is formed.

Thickening agent: konjac flour (E-425).
May contain milk
Mix in the cold product with strong agitation.

0,5-5 gr. / kg.

Product intended for food use.
Store in a cool and dry place.

Available in 500 g pack.

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