OLIGÖFRUCTOSE – Oligofructose powder

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OLIGÖFRUCTOSE – Oligofructose powder

Oligofructose powder.

Fibre-like carbohydrate extracted from the roots, tubers and rhizomes of chicory.

This product is obtained from the enzymatic partial hydrolysis of chicory inulin.

Oligofructose is itself a chain of fructoses linked with a glucose at one end, with a DP of between 2 and 8.

This configuration gives it a great stabilising property, allowing us to stabilise mousses, creams, syrups, ice creams and other preparations, providing a certain sweetness.

In general, it can be used as a substitute for sucrose or sugar.

May contain milk
Mix cold or hot with vigorous stirring.

Depending on the preparation to be made.

Product intended for food use.
Store in a cool and dry place.

Available in 750 g pack.

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