Three yogurt textures

A cocktail where we have been inspired by a single product trying to find a way to bring together its different facets and textures.

Looking for lactic acid present in whey as an alternative to citrus as a source of acidity.

TheYödry air allows us to have a very smooth texture but with an intense flavor power, which combined with the Yödry sprinkled in the glass, as a complete Crusta in the presentation glass gives us that more polyhedral part of yogurt as a product.


For the SS1 :
250 ml. mineral water
250 g white sugar


1. In a saucepan or pot measure and serve the
ingredients. Turn on the heat and with the help of a whisk dissolve until a homogeneous syrup is formed.

2. Once dissolved, remove from heat and lower temperature.

3. Store in airtight container in the refrigerator.

For the yogurt air :
500 gr. Mineral water
28 gr. Töufood Yödry
3 gr. Töufood Citrïc
7 gr. Töufood Sucrö
90 gr. SS1

1. In an airtight container measure and serve all the ingredients.

2. With the help of an electric hand mixer, blend the ingredients until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

3. Arrange in a cylindrical container and apply air from a pool aerator pump.

For the yogurt whey:
500 gr. natural yogurt

1. In an airtight container, place the plain, unsweetened yogurt (avoid skimmed, soy and other variations). Reserve in the freezer for 24 hours for a completely frozen block. After this time, unmold and with the help of a knife cut the frozen yogurt block.

2. Arrange the pieces on a mesh strainer with a filter paper attached on top of an airtight container. Allow to thaw in the refrigerator for 8 hours. After the time has elapsed, remove the yogurt whey from the hermetic container and bottle for service.
Note: keep refrigerated during service and storage.

For citric solution :
250 gr. of mineral water
2 gr. Töufood Citrïc
1 gr. Töufood Ascorbïc

1. In an airtight container measure and serve the ingredients of the recipe.

2. With the help of manual stirring rods, stir until all the ingredients are dissolved into a homogeneous, transparent mixture without lumps or precipitates.

3. Bottling for service.

For the Basil SS1 :
500 ml. SS1
40 gr. fresh basil

1. In a vacuum bag arrange the ingredients of the recipe, seal with a 100% vacuum machine with liquid program. Once the bag is closed, store in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

2. Once the time has elapsed, open the vacuum bag and filter with a fine sieve to separate the syrup from the basil.

Final cocktail

1 service :
45 ml. Vodka
60 ml. Yogurt whey
15 ml. SS1 basil
15 ml. Citric solution
1 Pinch of Black Pepper
4 baby basil leaves

1. Measure and serve all the ingredients in a Boston shaker, apply the rolling technique until the product is cooled and homogenized.

2. Garnish with yogurt air on top of the cocktail surface.

3. Arrange the baby basil leaves on the side of the yogurt air.

4. Grind black pepper on the other side of the yogurt air that the previous leaves are not on.